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Rashid Street Fighter 5

A new character for Street Fighter 5 was demonstrated at the Games15 expo in Dubai. This came after a number of hints from producer Yoshinori Ono. Rashid marks the 11th character in the roster for Street Fighter 5.

Rashid is an entirely new character to the Street Fighter universe. He is the second non-returning character to be announced for Street Fighter 5 so far, the first of which being Necalli.

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Rashid’s V-Trigger seems to be a tornado similar to those that Joe Hishashi uses in King of Fighters. However, are very slow moving walls that damage the enemy when they touch it and can be used to gain a speed or jump boost when he moves or attacks through it.

The  ability to use the tornado in a combo makes it partly reminiscent of Uriens 'Aegis Reflector' in Street Fighter 3rd strike, although the extent as to the types of combos you could pull off using the V-trigger remains unclear.

One of Rashid's most interesting tools is that of his V-reversal that can be used to cross up opponents when opponents pressure becomes too much. Due to Rashid's high mobility, this tool seems indispensable for escaping other rushdown characters.

Rashid has 2 V-Skills. One of them seems to be a divekick that changes his direction in the air halfway through the jump, this is used to cross up the opponent and hit them from behind. His second V-Skill is a rolling attack similar to Vega that can duck under projectiles and deliver a kick that launches the opponent. 

Quick Take

Rashid looks like a very interesting new addition to the Street Fighter 5 roster. his high mobility and focus on cross ups and rushing down, along with his wind gimmick is very reminiscent  of El Fuerte from Street Fighter 4. I imagine Rashid will cause a lot of inexperienced players some grief early on. However, we will need to see proper extended gameplay to see Rashid's entire moveset and make a proper character judgement.

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