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New Changelog for Rust Adds Many Things, Including Female Player Models

April 11, 2016 11:15 AM

By: Samuel Guglielmo


Rust has been one of the early access survival games that has continued to grow in popularity, and for a while was likely the most popular in the genre. Despite having first been put on early access at the very end of 2013 the game has been getting constant updates as it continues in early access. Recently it got a pretty big one.

Among the updates include making ceiling lights brighter so they were more useful, thanks to a common complaint that they weren't any use. Another had the team fixing up armor to be more durable, re-balancing the metal face mask in the process so players can actually be hurt in it. A big one was that the spawn placement of ore has changed, so now it'll be around rock formations rather than randomly in the wild. There were also some minor updates, like making grass all different sizes so it looks more realistic and editing fog effects and the lighting.




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Rust is also adding one change that is causing at least some controversy. Rust has added female character models, but there's no way to choose how you appear in-game. Instead the game randomizes your appearance based on your SteamID. While previously skin color had been done with this, gender is a new addition. Some people have not taken very kindly to this. A thread about it on Reddit's /r/games subreddit has a notice at the top indicating that several posts have been removed due to racist jokes and threats. Checking threads on Rust's official subreddit, on their official forums, and on their Steam discussion page, does find a few threads of complaints, most of which are locked now.



The good news is that the complaints aren't as bad as could be expected. Back in March 2015 Rust did something similar but with skin color. Many complaints were voiced about the move. A few months later a similar move was made, only with character penis size. At the current time it appears there's no plans to add a character creator or any way to customize your character in Rust.

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