New Blood Goes Beyond Retro FPS With 5 New Teasers

During New Blood Interactive's E3 2021 sizzle reel, there were teasers for 5 new projects, and none of them are retro FPS games

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Dusk and Amid Evil developer New Blood Interactive has hidden sneak peeks of five new projects between the trailers in its sizzle reel. The projects include a Fallout-style isometric RPG, a top-down shooter, and an official VR version of a much-loved retro spiritual successor.

What hidden projects does New Blood's sizzle reel contain?

These brief snippets were first spotted by PC Gamer. You can see them if you check out the New Blood sizzle reel; they're not subliminally hidden, just cleverly sandwiched between previews for upcoming games and old favorites on the California developer's slate. The projects shown are, in order of appearance, as follows. First up, there's a fast-paced top-down shooter with plenty of gore at around 0:12.

A top-down shooter teased in the New Blood E3 2021 sizzle reel

After that, you'll see an isometric RPG with shades of Fallout or Shadowrun and a decidedly 50s-style neon aesthetic.

The isometric RPG teased during the New Blood E3 2021 showcase

Next is what looks to be a car combat game set in a snowy landscape.

The car combat game teased during the New Blood E3 2021 sizzle reel

The fourth game teased by New Blood is what looks to be a visual novel parody featuring a disturbing girl with an arm growing out of her face.

The visual novel teased by New Blood during the E3 2021 sizzle reel

Finally, you'll notice a first-person axe combat sim reminiscent of Blade and Sorcery at around 0:38, although it's the shortest of the segments, so blink and you'll miss it.

The first-person axe combat game teased during New Blood's E3 2021 sizzle reel

Are these real New Blood games?

According to a PC Gamer interview conducted with New Blood head honcho Dave Oshry, these are all very real projects currently in the works at New Blood. They're all at varying stages of development. Some have been significantly fleshed-out, while others are mere prototypes. Oshry says the top-down shooter is something New Blood has been working on "for years", and that it essentially plays like Doom but from a top-down perspective. The isometric RPG, on the other hand, is just a prototype, despite Oshry's enthusiasm for it. The car combat game is also a prototype, but it has more meat to it than the isometric RPG. The visual novel began life as a Doki Doki Literature Club parody, referred to internally as Doki Doki Mortis Club. Finally, the first-person axe combat game is apparently an official VR version of fan favorite shooter Amid Evil.

Dusk, a retro FPS that is one of New Blood's best-known titles
With these projects, New Blood wants to show that it's more than just a retro FPS studio creating games like Dusk.

Oshry told PC Gamer that these projects were intended to prove to naysayers that New Blood could handle more than just the retro FPSes it's become renowned for. With games like DuskGloomwood, and Ultrakill on its slate, the publisher wanted to show it was working on games in diverse genres and for different audiences. It's worth noting that none of these games have names yet, so they haven't really been officially "announced". Still, they look intriguing. We'll bring you more on these mystery New Blood projects as soon as we get it.

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