New Battletoads Game Rated in Brazil

Hold on Tight

A new Battletoads game served as one of the more surprising reveals of E3 2019, and now it's just been rated by Brazil's Classificação Indicativa, the country's equivalent of the ESRB.

If you somehow missed last year's announcement, take a gander at the super-stylish gameplay trailer that breaks modern conventions by actually including gameplay:


Now, the game's Classificação Indicativa rating has been revealed and we can glean a few facts from that. It's rated for people 14 and up in Brazil, likely meaning that it will get a T rating in the States. The rating states that the new Battletoads game will have "Sexual Content" and "Violence."

It also looks like this game won't be launching on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, at least not at first — only the PC and Xbox One ratings are listed for this game. Searches of several other ratings boards including the ESRB, Europe's PEGI, Japan's CERO, and Korea's GRAC have not revealed any additional listings for the game just yet.

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When is the New Battletoads Release Date?

One thing many of us would like to know is when we'll actually be able to play this game. There's good news and bad news on this front. The bad news is that the Brazilian rating doesn't specify a release date just yet.

The good news, however, is that game ratings typically pop up when a title is nearing its release. Based on the timing, I think we can safely assume that we'll be able to play this game in the next few months. It might even be one of the titles making an appearance at the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase.

Are you excited for the new Battletoads game? Do you think you'll be able to play the hoverbike level without throwing your controller into a wall? Let us know in the comments below!

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