New Batman Game Teased by WB Games Montreal

Published: January 10, 2020 10:30 AM /


New Batman game WB Games Montreal

WB Games Montréal appears to be ramping up teasers of a new Batman game, adding fuel to the fire that another adventure featuring The Dark Knight is on the way.

We last saw a tweet from them way back in September of 2019 with the caption "Capture the Knight" and a transforming image:

There had been relative silence on their Twitter feed until yesterday when a partially obscured image popped up, also featuring the caption "Capture the Knight." That was soon followed with another tweet four hours later featuring the picture seen in our header image above and "/redacted".

Speculation about the logo on Reddit and elsewhere has all sorts of theories as to what this image means, including something involving the Gotham City PD or the "Court of Owls" secret society from the DC Comics universe. One thing that has been abundantly clear, however, is that fans are getting a little annoyed by how dragged out this whole teasing period feels.

"I'm excited for a new Batman game, but man my lack of enthusiasm for this teaser makes me sad," read a comment by /u/DeathComOne in a submission to the /r/BatmanArkham subreddit. "And the only reason I lack enthusiasm is because of this atrocious marketing plan."

"ENOUGH WITH THE TEASING! JUST SHOW US THE GAME!" read another comment by /u/Wesker2018.

It seems that roughly half the fanbase is speculating about what the next game will be and the other half is complaining about the weeks and months in-between any useful information about the new Batman game.

New Batman game WB Games Montreal

Will the New Batman Game Be an Epic Exclusive?

One other thing to consider is where exactly this new Batman game will be making its debut. It's almost certainly going to be coming out for the major gaming consoles, but where will you be able to get it on PC? There's a good chance that the only place might be the Epic Games Store.

As noted in this opinion piece I wrote late last year, the Epic Games Store released a whole bunch of the newer Batman games in one go on the platform. While Epic Games has certainly been quite generous with their releases over the last year, a giveaway of this scale is, in my opinion, a strong hint that there's going to be an exclusivity deal for a year or so.

Either way, it looks like we'll have to wait a while longer to hear more about a new Batman game. Hopefully, we'll learn what this is all about sooner rather than later.

When do you think the new Batman game will be revealed? What do you think the logo means? Do you think it will be an Epic Games Store exclusive? Let us know in the comments below!


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