New Ashes of Creation Gameplay Is All About Tanks

Published: January 29, 2023 4:04 PM /


Ashes of Creation

Ashes of Creation is certainly among the most promising MMORPGs in the pipeline, and Intrepid Studios released a new gameplay video.

As the developer heads toward the second alpha test for the game, this time around we get to take an extended look at what the game will offer to those who enjoy playing tanks like yours truly. 

If protecting your companions and being an impenetrable wall in front of your enemies is your thing, Ashes of Creation certainly appears to have a lot to offer. 

There's also a lot to see, as the video is nearly fifty minute-long and also comes with plenty of commentary from the developers explaining what we're seeing, led by creative director Steven Sharif. 

The video showcases battles against some rather tanky undead enemies culminating in a pitched boss battle against Lord Oakenbane. After the battle, we also get a preview of the armor he drops, which unsurprisingly is themed after an oak tree and looks really spiffy. 

Incidentally, this video (which you can check out below) was originally aired as part of a livestream, which you can watch in its entirety. It also provides a look at brand-new character art including new monsters, gear, and hairstyles for the orc-like Vek race.

Ashes of Creation has been in development for quite some time following a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2017, gathering nearly $3.3 million from almost 20,000 users. 

Alpha 2 is supposed to have most of the game's systems and features in place for players to test, but it doesn't have a firm date yet. Hopefully, this promising game will live up to its lofty ambitions, and you can expect more coverage in the future here on TechRaptor. 

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