Netflix Reveals First Look At Cavill's Geralt And Witcher Additional Cast

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Last month Netflix revealed casting choices for some The Witcher TV show's key characters such as Yennifer and Ciri. Now we know who is going to fill the roles of Dandelion, Triss, and more, and we get our first look at Cavill's Geralt of Rivia.

Joey Batey from History Channel's "Knightfall" takes the role of Jaskier aka Dandelion. Dandelion is a prominent character in Sapkowski's "The Witcher" novels and is a frequent companion of Geralt. Dandelion is a womanizer and gets in all sorts of trouble.

Anna Shaffer will play the sorcerer Triss Marigold, another companion of Geralt's and a love interest. Triss is a fan favorite from The Witcher video games. Shaffer has appeared in several "Harry Potter" movies as Romilda Vane, so she is no stranger to magic.

The last prominent casting choice is that of Cahir. Cahir is a knight of Nilfgaard found exclusively in the book series. He also plays a large role in the story, although it would be spoilers to talk too much about him. Eamon Farren is cast to play Cahir. He has appeared in "Twin Peaks" as Richard Horne.

You can find the rest of the casting choices found below, courtesy of OrangeFreeman's post on /r/Witcher.


Netflix also showed off Henry Cavill's look as Geralt. Although it's early on, this costume and makeup test is a representation of how he might look in the final product. The short clip shows Cavill walk from the shadows and drink a Witcher potion.

Some fans were quick to poke fun at the look, comparing it to Legolas, Lucius Malfoy, or a Halloween costume. Others were pleased. For now, the show is slated to have eight episodes and premiere sometime next year.

Quick Take

I'm pleased with some of these casting choices. I think the actors for Cahir and Dandelion nail the look I was expected. The rest of the characters besides Triss are relatively minor and it's hard to tell how well they'll fit in the role, but overall it looks like a good cast. I'm pleased to see they went away with a bunch of popular actors and instead hired less well-known individuals. 

What do you think about these casting choices? Do you like Henry Cavill's look as Geralt? Let us know in the comments below!

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