Netflix Acquires Boss Fight Entertainment

Published: March 25, 2022 9:33 AM /


Dungeon Boss

Netflix has been acquiring game studios like they're going out of style, as Boss Fight Entertainment (best known for their mobile title Dungeon Boss) is the third studio they've acquired in six months. It's also the second this month after Finnish mobile developer Next Games for €65 million on March 2nd, with the first being Oxenfree developer Night School Studio back in October for an undisclosed amount. Boss Fight Entertainment has three different studios in Allen, Austin, and Seattle and will continue to operate independently.

Boss Fight Entertainment CEO David Rippy and co-COOs Bill Jackson and Scott Winsett said in a joint statement: "Boss Fight's mission is to bring simple, beautiful, and fun game experiences to our players wherever they want to play. Netflix's commitment to offer ad-free games as part of members' subscriptions enables game developers like us to focus on creating delightful game play without worrying about monetization."

Netflix Games as a service started off back in October 2021 and offered five titles for people to play. These included two Stranger Things games, Shooting HoopsCard Blast, and Teeter Up. With these continued acquisitions it looks like Netflix is not only serious about their mobile offerings but that they're going to be adding many more titles over time.

Important figures have been joining Netflix's initiative in Roberto Barrera earlier this month, the former PlayStation senior director of corporate strategy, Amir Rahimi the former vice president of Scopely as its VP of game studios back in November, and former Facebook and EA executive Mike Verdu joining as VP of game development back in July 2021. These aren't a bunch of nobodies, and with more studios joining Netflix's lineup it increasingly seems like a matter of if and not when that there's going to be a hit coming from Netflix Games. We'll see.

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