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NES Classic Mini

Following news from earlier this month that Nintendo would be discontinuing the popular NES Classic Mini in North America and Asia, a source at Nintendo has revealed to Eurogamer that the microconsole will be discontinued in Europe as well. It was also recently discovered to be discontinued in Australia. Now discontinued worldwide, this marks the end of the short-lived NES Classic Mini.

We can confirm that we are no longer manufacturing the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System, [...] If production resumes in the future, an update will be posted on the official Nintendo website.
Nintendo Classic Mini NES

Originally launched in November of 2016, the NES Classic Mini contained 30 classic NES games, including the original Donkey Kong, Dr. Mario, and Mega Man 2. From the launch date, the microconsole was plagued by supply issues, with notable YouTuber and industry analyst Jim Sterling revealing that only three units of the console were sent to his local Target. Unfortunately for Nintendo, that supply issue never went away, and the numbers of the console were never able to reach consumer demand.

Taking advantage of the situation, scalpers on eBay and Amazon bought units of the console in bulk, inflating the prices far beyond Nintendo's RRP of $59.99. Following news of the discontinuation of the console, prices on Amazon UK start at £81, while some postings on eBay UK reached the ridiculous heights of £249.99.

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The reasoning behind the discontinuation of the NES Classic Mini is currently unknown. Commentators have pointed to the Switch's virtual console being the reason behind the move, but some of the logic is likely linked to the recent rumors of a SNES Classic Mini coming Christmas 2017, though many will still question why Nintendo pulled the plug on a device they never truly got up and running.

Whatever the reasoning behind Nintendo's curious decision, the NES Classic Mini's time is well and truly numbered. Farewell NES Classic Mini - we hardly knew ye.

Quick Take

Given the NES Classic Mini's discontinuation in other markets, it was pretty much a given that it would also be leaving European markets. But it still doesn't tackle the reasoning behind Nintendo's decision. Rumors of the SNES Classic Mini are one thing - but are we meant to believe that Nintendo only has one factory or something? Bizarre.

Did you ever get a chance to pick up the NES Classic Mini? Or will you be looking to pick one up in the final batch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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