NepuNepu Connect: Chaos Chanpuru Announced

Published: July 26, 2016 2:30 PM /



In Compile Heart’s quest to bring the Neptunia franchise to every genre of gaming in existence, a new project called NepuNepu Connect: Chaos Chanpuru has been announced. NepuNepu will be a card battle game for the PlayStation Vita. More than another spin-off title for the Neptunia universe, this game will include characters from many of Compile Heart’s games.

Announced last week with a countdown website more details about NepuNepu Connect: Chaos Chanpuru have been revealed in Dengeki Playstation and translated over at Gematsu. The crossover Vita game will feature a new heroine and original story. The new character designed by Manamitsu is protagonist Yuriina. She must save her world from chaos energy by winning 2D card battles and finding the gold fragments. Cards will be moved with the PS Vita’s touchscreen in order to battle.

The game will incorporate over 100 characters from Compile Heart properties including Neptunia, Fairy Fencer F and Omega Quintet. Some characters have already been hinted at with silhouette's featured on the countdown website. From the Neptunia universe players can expect Neptune, IF and Compile. Characters from the Fairy Fencer F franchise are Fang and Eryn. Other revealed characters are Faust from Trillion: God of Destruction and Momoka and Kyouka from Omega Quintet.

Scans from Otakamu show other characters that are likely in the game, like Neptunia’s Noire, Compa and Vert along with the CPU’s goddess forms, just to name a few. These scans give insight into how the card battle game will play. There’s a grid-like battlefield and what appears to be the usual visual novel style cutscenes found in Compile Heart games.

Image from Otakamu

A trailer will be launching on July 28th to reveal more about the new game. NepuNepu Connect : Chaos Chanpuru is a PS Vita title expected to launch in Japan sometime in 2016. The game will be free-to-play with microtransactions.


Are you excited for a new Compile Heart game with popular characters? Or are you tired of the old characters getting pasted onto new gameplay?


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