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Published: June 23, 2020 11:45 AM /


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During the New Game Plus expo today, Idea Factory showed off a trailer for Neptunia: Virtual Stars. 

In it, the "Gaminudstri goddesses" have teamed up with virtual stars (or idols) to save the world. It's a 3D, third-person hack-n-slash and shooter hybrid game where you can switch between the two gameplay perspectives seemlessly. There's also lots of skating around and the background music plays a role, making this game more of a mix of different gameplay styles.

So how does the music factor in? During gameplay, the soundtrack can hit harmonic notes or fall into disharmony during certain boss battles. This will affect combat and you can use it in your strategy, such as with group attacks that work in harmony. Indeed, one of the game's mottos is that you will need to harmonize to save the world, so get to hacking and shooting in sync.

But that's not all! You can also perform the game live, apparently. A feature called BeatTik will allow players to join Youtubers for rhythm game performances.

Neptunia: Virtual Stars is coming to the PlayStation 4 in 2021. You can wishlist it today at Ifi's Online Store or preorder it at your favorite retail store.

If you want to get a look at all the hack-n-slash, shooting, and harmonizing action, check out the trailer below:


Quick Take

Is it possible for a game to be too zany? Can you keep up with all the hack-n-slash gameplay, shooting, and music harmony? It reminds me of dancing: you have to keep up with several moves while matching the beats of the music. Maybe Neptunia: Virtual Stars is like one big, zany dance?

Interested in a new 3D shooter in the Neptunia universe? Want to shoot and slash to the music? Let us know in the comments below!

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