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Published: January 22, 2016 6:14 PM /


Necropolis Preview

Harebrained Scheme, the development company known for the recent Shadowrun computer games and the upcoming PlayStationVR title Golem, have announced the release date for their newest game Necropolis. Necropolis is a third person Roguelite set in a procedurally generated death labyrinth where you have to take on enemies with well timed attacks.

Necropolis will be releasing on Steam on the 17 of March and pre-orders will open up on the 2nd of February. This game consists of a wide variety of strange rooms, cool weapons, plenty of treasure, and more monsters than you can shake a sword at. As with any roguelite if you die you'll get to start once again at the beginning and delve deep again and try to get even further than the last time.

It won't just be a strenuous experience that you have to suffer through alone though as there will be 4-player co-op. You'll get to explore these worlds with up to three of your friends. This means you'll get to cover your own back as well as look out for your friends as you all unwittingly head into danger. On the topic of the close release of Necropolis and the co-op features Mitch Gitelman, Harebraines Schemes Studio Manager, explained:

We can't wait to unleash Necropolis onto Steam players. Everyone thought the game was a blast when we played it single-player, but we were blown away by how fun it is to attack the Necropolis with our friends

As you progress though the dungeon you will get components to create elixirs, find items of power to fuel your magic, and upgrade your adventure with a variety of different runes, wards and spells. Each monster also deserves to be analysed before facing it in battle as even the ecology is important. How does it move? What does it like to eat? and even, what is it afraid of? Use your knowledge to your advantage as you head to even more dangerous group below the Necropolis.

What do you think of Necropolis? Are you excited for it to release on Steam? Will you be braving it alone or bringing some buddies?

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