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Published: November 3, 2016 5:44 PM /


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Some games have a rocky launch. Nebula Realms would be among those games, although its launch could be considered a complete non-starter. When the game launched on the 25th its servers didn't work. It seems the problems are still piling on, and today the developers have announced their plans to take it off the PlayStation Network.

The original post covers from launch until the 28th, most of which consists of the developers and community manager saying the game will be up soon. Sure enough, that trend continued with a post on developer XALOC Studios' facebook page on the 29th...

Hello everyone,

We are very sorry but at this time the servers aren't ready. We will do our best to have them ready for tomorrow. We understand everyone is excited to play Nebula realms and we sincerely apologize for the delay.

Xaloc Team

The 30th...
Hello everyone

We are still addressing and fixing the stability issues that the server is causing. We changed a lot of functions to improve the server player management but still not enough to handle all the multiple connections that the game has.

We will keep working on this until is fixed and the game runs as it should but unfortunately we cannot give a time frame. Has soon has the servers are up and running we'll make an announcement.

Regards Xaloc Team

And again on the 30th...
Hi everyone,

We are very sorry, we know that you guys want to try out NR but we still working on the server fix.

It's been a very long weekend but it paid off, we added improvements and fixed several bugs. The bottleneck is fixed, now we need to improve the server stability to handle that huge amount of players calls, it might be up and running soon but unfortunately it won't be today.

Best regards Xaloc Team

Around this time the forum's shoutbox was also shut down, with community manager "Nebula_CM" saying it was because of people using it for hurling abuse at the staff and racist remarks, plus the lack of anyone being available to moderate it. Some hope did finally come in, as the servers finally went up and the game was playable on November 1st! ...At least, only for a little while. Sure enough, the servers were taken down and a new message was posted to Nebula Realm's Facebook page.

We opened the servers for testing and had to switch back off the servers as these aren't as stable as we would like to. We need to do some further work in order to open them to public.

Apologies for the delay, as soon as the servers are up and running again we'll make an announcement.

Regards Xaloc Team

Finally, at 8:29am on November 3rd, the Nebula Realm team made another post on their Facebook, this one stating that the game requires far more work than they thought and that they will be taking it off of the PlayStation Network until further notice.
Hello everyone,

As you all know, after the release of Nebula Realms we encountered several problems with our servers and game client. This is due to the huge amount of players that were logging into the game. The server management system that we build is not ready to deal with so much transfer data and we need to redo a lot of functionalities of the server and also work on the game client. It will be a huge amount of work and we aren't sure about how long will that take us to fix it.

We are extremely sad about this, we done has much as we possibly could to try to make the system stable so you guys can play, many of you seen the server up for few minutes before it crashed, we tried several things but nothing really worked. The only option that we have right now is to remove the game from the store until the system it's ready to handle all the server traffic.

We do understand the disappointment this might cause. No one wants to play Nebula Realms as much as we do, we been working on this game very hard and for very long, but it seems that is our baby is not ready for the open world yet.

On a side note, we are very happy with the Nebula Realms community, most of you have been extremely nice and understanding with dealing with the delays. We would like to thank you for your support and understanding, we will keep working on Nebula Realms until is the game that we all want (and can!) play We will keep you informed with the fixing process but we can not specify a new release date, we will take the time that we need to make sure the game is ready for you all to enjoy.

Xaloc Team

For now, Nebula Realms is still available to download off of the PSN, but it will likely be taken off sometime soon. On a forum post "Nebula_CM" thanks everyone for their patience, and claims that in the end, all the server issues are a win, as it helped them judge the level of interest in the game. "Nebula_CM" also claims that it was good because at least some people got to play the game, something they claim would not have happened with a closed beta.

Normally this is where the story ends, but there's still one more strange blip here. It seems that there is at least some strange reactions and claims to the news. In a now-deleted thread, user and forum member "Now_You_See_Me" claims that he is the reason the shoutbox was taken down. Furthermore, he claims to be working with hacker group Lizard Squad to keep the game down. If these claims have any legitimacy or not haven't really been proven.


In another more worrying and also deleted forum post, member "DIZCIPLE8" claims he will kill a woman named Kayla/Butterflykiss22 if the game is not released.


Butterflykisses22 appears to be a real PSN Profile attached to a real woman named Kayla, but it is unsure what she has to do with the game or this poster. Similar to the first post, there's currently nothing verifying that the poster is able to or willing to actually follow through. Still, hopefully, XALOC Studios is taking the threat seriously and is informing the proper authorities.

Nebula Realms is a social 3d chat room/minigame collection that will be released for the PlayStation 4 and on Steam sometime in the future.

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