NBA 2K22's Quit Bans Halted After Accidental Bans

NBA 2K22 has halted quitter bans after a wave of accidental bans and warnings have been handed out

Published: September 25, 2021 9:24 PM /


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A number of NBA 2K22 players are being banned due to malfunctioning quitter detection technology. Many have been wrongly affected by 2K's quitter detection system, intended to punish players who quit a disproportionate number of matches in a given time frame. Others have contacted support for issues and bans stemming from the MyCareer game mode.

The detection system has been overzealous regarding who it bans, even targeting players who have had others quit on them. Bans have ranged from short periods of time to much longer sentences, depending on the infractions perceived by the technology. At the moment, CoreySA (the global director for 2K and Take-Two) put out a response to a Twitter user and active NBA 2K22 player. The user claimed to have received a ban warning when another player quit their match.

"This is being paused as we reevaluate the approach. We’ve heard the feedback from today, and are looking to balance that against feedback from the overall community around frequent quits."

Due to the issues concerning the anti-quitter measures, 2K has paused the penalties for quitting in the middle of a match. The MyCareer mode has also had issues ranging from error codes to disappearing characters to vanishing game currency to outright bans. 2K has directed users to the company's customer support team. Some contacting customer support have waited several days for a response due to the sheer number of tickets. If you have been unfairly banned or are facing other issues, contact 2K's service on the official website to file a support ticket, but be warned there is a backlog and they appear to be handling it on a first in, first-out basis.

In addition to the issues regarding quitting and MyCareer, Xbox Support has claimed that the consoles may power off or quit to home when playing NBA 2K22 on the Xbox Series X. The site states that Microsoft is close to resolving that issue, but the solution is still pending.

NBA 2K22, released September 9, has faced other issues with its launch. Last week featured issues regarding server stability and connection problems pertaining to the MyCareer game mode. Robert Adams here at TechRaptor previously shared a temporary fix from Reddit and reported on the issue, which has since been patched, although a number of users are still reporting issues with MyCareer in general.

Have you been affected by NBA 2K22's anti-quitting measures? We'd love to hear from you. Even if you haven't, we're always eager to hear what you have to say, whether that's in the comments below or on our social media.

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