Lebron James in NBA 2K20, presumably frustrated over NBA cancellations.

NBA 2K20 Faces Glitches Due to Suspended NBA Season

March 12, 2020

By: Brian Renadette


Update: A spokesman for 2K Games sent us the following comment about the issue: 

“NBA 2K20 is a leading sports simulation and our objective is to authentically reflect the realities of the NBA. The suspension of play had an unintended effect on the MyLeague Start Today mode. The issue has since been resolved. Now, users who engage Start Today mode will pick up where the NBA schedule left off on March 11 to play out the NBA regular season as originally scheduled.”

We have also seen some NBA teams simulating their season, such as the Phoenix Suns, on 2K while the NBA is closed.


Original Story below:

The coronavirus has been causing severe worldwide concern as it has spread across the globe, shut down conventions, and forced the NBA to suspend this season of basketball games. However, it's not just fans of real-life basketball who are feeling the pain. Players trying to start up the My League mode in NBA 2K20 are discovering that the lack of real-world games is causing some simulation issues.


First reported on Reddit, a user on the NBA2K reddit board posted a picture of the game when they tried starting a season simulation from today. The screenshot they posted shows no more matches after March 11th yet it still tries to simulate matches. When someone asked how it works, another user replied that it doesn't; it just endlessly simulates and then crashes. Meanwhile on ResetEra, a user named 'Soundtrack2chaos' states that they heard the news about the suspension and was curious about what would happen if they ran a simulation with the My League Start Today. Just like the Reddit user, the game endlessly simulated until it crashed with an error code.

You could compare this to the bugs and issues with sister title WWE 2K20 and a similar glitch that broke the game (even further) on New Year's. However, this seems more a case that the programmers simply didn't plan for a virus suspending an entire season's worth of games. There's no word so far from 2K Games or 2K Sports about the bug or if it'll be fixed in a patch. We have reached out to 2K Games, and will keep you updated when this is fixed, or if they release a statement.


What do you think about the NBA 2k bug? Are you surprised that COV-ID-19 is impacting gaming directly? Let us know in the comments below!

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