Nacon Aquires Edge of Eternity Developer Midgar Studio

Published: February 7, 2022 4:09 PM /


Nacon Acquires Edge of Eternity Developer Midgar Studio cover

Nacon has announced that it has acquired Edge of Eternity developer Midgar Studio, adding a bit of JRPG expertise to its growing portfolio of game studios.

Edge of Eternity is a JRPG that came out last summer and is the second Steam release from Midgar Studio following its launch of Hover (no relation to the classic Windows 95 game). While Edge of Eternity is a little rough around the edges, it's still more fun than not. Now, its developer Midgar Studio has been brought under the Nacon umbrella and will be the 10th French studio to join the company.

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What Will Happen to Edge of Eternity Developer Midgar Studio After the Nacon Acquisition?

Nacon has purchased 100% of Edge of Eternity developer Midgar Studio, but not much is expected to change behind the scenes -- Midgar Studio says that it's being given a fair amount of freedom to flex its creative muscles.

"Being creative and technically excellent at the same time is a challenge that is characteristic of Midgar Studio and our trademark," Midgar Studio CEO and lead programmer Jeremy Zeler-Maury said in a press release. "We are very happy to be joining NACON, who listen and understand what we are trying to achieve. With their support, we have the chance to [fulfill] our ambitions while retaining a lot of freedom."

If Nacon holds true to its promise, this new deal will give the financial flexibility it needs to work on its next project. Unfortunately, we don't know what that game might be; Edge of Eternity has been out for some time and it's unlikely to get any major updates at this point, so I imagine that Midgar Studio is probably working on something new entirely.

Nacon was part of a restructuring back in 2020 that intended to expand the financial capabilities of all involved companies related to the Bigben Group. Since then, the company has been embroiled in a dispute with Frogwares over the ownership of The Sinking City.

We can't say for certain what Midgar Studio will be doing in the coming years, but it's sure to be ambitious and interesting based on the company's releases to date. For now, you can buy Edge of Eternity for PC and consoles via its official website starting at $29.99 or your regional equivalent.

What do you think of Nacon acquiring Edge of Eternity developer Midgar Studio? What kind of game would you like to see it make next? Let us know in the comments below!


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