N1RV Ann-A Release Date Delayed Indefinitely

Published: December 1, 2020 4:19 PM /


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The N1RV Ann-A release date has been indefinitely delayed amidst major changes made to the game's code framework and underlying story according to a new announcement from the developers.

N1RV Ann-A is a sequel to 2016's VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action. As with its predecessor, this new game will continue to allow players to mix drinks in the far future, although there are some changes that are coming, too. The game was originally planned to launch sometime in 2020, but that release date has now been changed to "WID" — that is to say, "When It's Done."

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Why Was the N1RV Ann-A Release Date Delayed?

The reasons for the N1RV Ann-A release date delay are complex and multifaceted. It wasn't one single thing that contributed to the delay; rather, a number of factors came together to ultimately result in pushing back the launch of this VA-11 Hall-A sequel.

"The first falling of the delays fall squarely on my field," read a portion of a lengthy statement released by Fernando Damas. "When N1RV Ann-A started production back in 2017 as the framework for another unrelated project that also needed a lot of text to be processed, it was still Kiririn and I handling things, so we kept work as we did during the VA-11 Hall-A days. As time went on and a lot of life-changing events happened I refused to relent control of the code even though we now had extra hands programming to help us with everything. The result was that I was heavily burned out while still insisting on being the sole programmer, the progress was really slow at this stage as a result."

"Ironing out those problems took time but the end result is a version of the story far better than anything we had previously envisioned."

The severity of this burnout was most evident when another programmer took over and reworked Damas' code in the space of roughly a month. With that problem handled, another issue emerged — the developers were having creative differences over the direction the story would be going. It took a good deal of time for these to be sorted out, but the developers feel we'll be getting a better story as a result.

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When is the new N1RV Ann-A Release Date?

There is no new N1RV Ann-A release date as of yet. As the developers have said, the release date has now been changed to "When It's Done."

"The reason [for the delay] is that due to all these uprootings of the project, it has effectively been reset on many fronts," continued the statement from Fernando Damas. "There’s much to be done before we can have any sort of public estimates. Date announcements or announcements of any kind for that matter probably won’t happen until we’re at the final stretch of the project."

For now, you can buy VA-11 Hall-A on PC via the game's official website for $14.99 or your regional equivalent. You can also add N1RV Ann-A to your wishlist on Steam.

Are you disappointed to see the N1RV Ann-A release date delayed? What did you think of the first game in the series? Let us know in the comments below!

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