My Time At Sandrock Update Delayed Due To COVID-19

Published: August 29, 2022 10:37 AM /


A peaceful village scene in the My Time at Sandrock update Logan Strikes Back

The upcoming My Time at Sandrock update Logan Strikes Back has been delayed owing to COVID-19. Developer Pathea Games says it now expects the update to land sometime this week, although we don't have a concrete timeline as to when yet.

Why was this My Time at Sandrock update delayed?

Over on Steam, Pathea explained its reasoning for this My Time at Sandrock update delay. The update, which was due to land later today, has now been pushed back to later this week owing to "ongoing issues with coronavirus in our area". Pathea Games is based in Chongqing in China, which is currently in the midst of a COVID-19 lockdown, so working on the update is difficult for the studio.


According to Pathea, several of its employees have been "confined to their homes since mid-August", which is when the current outbreak of the virus began in Chongqing. Yesterday, the Chongqing government announced a snap lockdown for two new areas, giving no prior notice for the announcement. As such, several "key members" of the My Time at Sandrock dev team are currently on lockdown, making it hard to complete the update on time.

The player aiming a rifle at two Boxing Jacks enemies in the middle of the desert in the My Time at Sandrock update Logan Strikes Back
The My Time at Sandrock update Logan Strikes Back is coming soon, just not as soon as we thought.

When will the My Time at Sandrock Logan Strikes Back update be released?

Pathea Games hasn't yet revealed a new release date for the My Time at Sandrock Logan Strikes Back update. The studio says it's actively trying to get the tools needed to work from home to its employees, but this will take time. Pathea says it hopes the new update will launch later this week, but it can't pin down a specific day just yet, so we'll have to hold out for more on that one.

When it does arrive, the My Time at Sandrock Logan Strikes Back update will bring all sorts of new content with it. A new chunk of story will be added, allowing you to discover more of Sandrock's world, and more NPCs will be romanceable as well. You'll also find a new dungeon to explore, new enemies to conquer, and a new weapon to use, as well as some pretty major PC optimizations for the game.


A team exploring a snowy area with ruined buildings and snow-capped trees in My Time at Sandrock
Logan Strikes Back will be a pretty major update for My Time at Sandrock.

You can check out My Time at Sandrock right now via Steam Early Access, where it'll set you back $24.99. If you've already picked the game up and you're at a loss as to where you should start, then make sure to take a look at our My Time at Sandrock guides, which cover everything from item refinement all the way through to research and which gifts to hand out to NPCs.

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