Muv-Luv Trilogy Coming to PlayStation Vita This Summer

Published: February 15, 2018 4:42 PM /


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Publisher PQube announced today that it is bringing the entire Muv-Luv trilogy to PS Vita sometime this summer, both physically and digitally. PQube has worked with developers in the past to bring visual novels like Root Letter and Steins;Gate to the Vita. Now, this partnership with IXTL will bring one of the best visual novels of all time to the handheld. This partnership with PQube represents one of two final stretch goals of the localization Kickstarter almost three years ago; the other is an Android port, still waiting to materialize. The press release does not indicate pricing for either game or refine a release window. Regardless, Vita owners will be able to finally play the Muv-Luv trilogy sometime later this year.

Even though Muv-Luv is marketed as a trilogy, it is comprised of three stories across two games. The first, simply titled Muv-Luv, includes the first game, Extra, and the Unlimited story. You can view the announcement trailer above. The Muv-Luv: Extra follows the plucky Japanese high school student, Shirogane Takeru, as he navigates school life and romance between his friends. Though the original release in Japan did include sexual scenes, all major Western releases have removed such content.

If you're wondering how an otherwise unremarkable visual novel got to be so highly regarded, we're getting there. After completing all of the main routes of Extra, readers unlock the Unlimited content. Unlimited begins eerily similar, before thrusting Takeru into a parallel world where humanity struggles against violent and deadly aliens. These aliens, called the "BETA," threaten survival for Takeru and his classmates, who have all been thrown into the parallel world, seemingly unawares. Playing through all the endings in Muv-Luv takes anywhere from 40-50 hours, and primes you for the ride that Alternative provides.

The Muv-Luv trilogy comes to a head in Alternative. The highest-rated visual novel on VNDB (and the eighth most popular), Alternative massively expands upon the story presented in Unlimited. Takeru finds himself in yet another parallel world, and must now use his knowledge gained from the events of Unlimited to fight against the BETA. Alternative sees the cast of characters pilot "TSF," advanced bipedal mechs in a squarely science-fiction universe that spans 70+ hours. Slowly shifting from adult high school romance to dramatic science fiction may seem like an odd choice, but Muv-Luv's mark on the anime industry as a whole cannot be understated. Influencing giants of the industry like Attack on Titan or any number of "moe military" series is no mean feat. With PQube's imminent release of the trilogy for Sony's handheld, now Vita owners can experience the Muv-Luv trilogy on their preferred platform, too.

Do you plan on picking up Muv-Luv for your Vita? Got any other visual novels you're looking forward to? Disagree with Muv-Luv's title of "one of the greatest visual novels of all time?" Let us know in the comments below!

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