Muv-Luv Regenerative Vol.02 Gets New Release Date; English Version of Vol.01 Coming Soon

For visual novel fans, Muv-Luv Regenerative Vol.02 has a new release date, while the English version of Vol.01 is coming soon to Steam. ūüėć

Published: February 26, 2023 11:06 PM /


Muv-Luv Regenerative

Today Muv-Luv publisher aNCHOR announced that the second volume of Muv-Luv Regenerative has a new release date.

The magazine, created to provide more insight into several aspects of the popular visual novel series, will be released in Japanese on March 3, 2023. The e-book version will be priced at 2,980 yen ($21.87 at the current exchange rate) while three limited Founder's sets priced between 6,000 and 150,000 yen will also be available including exclusive merchandise and benefits. 

Western fans have a reason to be excited as well, as a localized version in English of Vol.01 (which was released at Winter Comiket at the end of December 2022) is coming and will be made available as a DLC of the game via Steam like the (rather awesome) Muv-Luv Alternative Codex. A release date has not been announced just yet, but it should be coming soon. 

If you're unfamiliar with the Muv-Luv franchise, you may be wondering why it has its own magazine, and the answer is pretty simple. Its sci-fi isekai (alternate world) setting is so complex and interesting that there are a ton of directions in which it can be expanded upon and a lot of information that may be interesting to the fans. For instance, Vol.01 includes an interesting article on the Battle of Midway in the franchise's alternate history past, one on the Fubuki Type-2 TSF mecha, and one on Sakura Usuki, the brand new character created for the Muv-Luv Alternative anime.  

The franchise is widely considered one of the best (if not the best) visual novel series of all time (even the AI of the new Bing agrees albeit it obviously can't get past the PTSD) and one of the first isekai stories that made waves within Japanese pop culture when the genre wasn't as absolutely overdone as it is now. It mixes a tragic and romantic story with one of the best and deepest sci-fi worlds ever written. 

Most Muv-Luv visual novels are currently available in English on Steam (while Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative have also been released on PS Vita) alongside the early access action game Project MIKHAIL: A Muv-Luv War Story, while an official localization of the prequel visual novel Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien is finally in the works. A mobile game titled Muv-Luv Dimensions is also coming. 

Incidentally, a dedicated collaboration cafe has recently been opened in Tokyo. 

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