Murder By Numbers Has You Solve a Muder Mystery with Nonograms

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Murder By Numbers Has You Solve a Muder Mystery with Nonograms

October 10, 2019

By: Samuel Guglielmo


Have you ever wanted to solve a visual novel murder mystery, but also wanted to play a few nonograms in the process? Then Murder by Numbers may just be the game you're waiting for.

Taking place in the year 1996, you play as Honor Mizrahi, a TV actress who plays a detective in a popular drama. However, her boss turns up dead and now she suddenly finds herself solving a real murder. She's assisted by Scout, a mysterious robot that ended up in the trash for unknown reasons. They'll have to work with the actors and crew on the TV show to try and figure out just how Honor's boss died and clear Honor's name. Naturally, to do this, you'll have to solve nonograms to find clues and interact with the wacky personalities that make up the rest of the cast.

While the idea is already pretty novel, Murder by Numbers has an interesting team behind it as well. The game is directed by Ed Fear, who worked on projects like The Sword of Ditto. The cast is designed by Hatoful Boyfriend creator Hato Moa, while the soundtrack has been composed by Masakazu Sugimori, who has done the soundtrack for games like Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney and Viewtiful Joe. The developer is Mediatonic, whos been behind games like 2D brawler Foul Play, absurd visual novel dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend, and the upcoming physics platformer battle royale Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Murder by Numbers will be launching on PC and Nintendo Switch sometime in early 2020.


How do you feel about Murder by Numbers? Think this is the genre mash-up you've always been waiting for? Have you ever been to one of those 90's Taco Bells that feel hilariously out of place now but are still kind of fun? Let us know in the comments below!

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