MultiVersus Halloween Event Is Incredibly Stingy

If you want to unlock everything in the MultiVersus Halloween event, then you're going to need to play a pretty staggering amount of games, even if you do spend real cash.

Published: October 12, 2022 11:32 AM /


Bugs Bunny hitting a safe at Jake in MultiVersus

Want to unlock everything the new MultiVersus Halloween event has to offer? You'd better get to grinding. If you want to get the two skins, emote, and profile picture on offer, then you're probably going to have to play in excess of 800 games over the next month or so.

The upcoming MultiVersus Halloween event starts on Saturday and runs until November 15th. In that time, you've got the chance to unlock skins for Jake and Reindog, as well as a new emote and profile picture for yourself. In order to do so, you need to earn Candy, which is granted for playing MultiVersus matches. You'll get double the candy reward if you win, too.

Here's the kicker, though. If you use certain skins for Stripe and Gizmo, which cost $8 and $5 respectively, or use a Halloween variant of those skins, you'll get even more candy. That effectively means that you can unlock the Halloween event rewards quicker if you're using premium skins. So far, so freemium, right? The problem comes when looking at just how many games you'd need to play if you want to unlock Halloween MultiVersus gear without spending a single cent.

Four characters duking it out in MultiVersus
You're going to be seeing a lot of this if you want to unlock MutiVersus' Halloween content.

The great MultiVersus Halloween grind

According to research by VGC, the breakdown for how you earn Candy in MultiVersus is as follows.

  • Losing a Singles game: 10 Candy with no premium skin, 20 Candy with a premium skin
  • Winning a Singles game: 20 Candy with no premium skin, 40 Candy with a premium skin
  • Losing a Teams game: 10 Candy with no premium skin, 20 Candy with one premium skin, 40 Candy with two premium skins on your team
  • Winning a Teams game: 20 Candy with no premium skin, 40 Candy with one premium skin, 60 Candy with two premium skins on your team

There are four MultiVersus Halloween unlockables, and they are as follows. The Pumpkin Patch profile picture costs 150 Candy, while the Jack-O-Lantern emote costs 500 Candy. Reindog's Mummy skin costs 3,000 Candy, and Jake's Calico Cake skin costs 12,000 Candy. 

VGC's calculations suggest that if you don't spend any real cash on skins, you can expect to play at least 783 games over the 30-day period during which the Halloween event runs. That averages out at 26 games per day, and that's assuming you win every game you play and earn as much Candy as you can every time. This outcome is unlikely, of course, so you'll almost certainly be playing more than 800 games across the 30-day period to unlock everything.

Even if you do buy a premium skin (and not all of them increase your Candy), you're still playing at least 392 games on your own or 261 if you team up with another player with a premium skin. Again, that assumes you're winning all of those games. In short, you're going to be playing a heck of a lot of MultiVersus games for your Halloween stuff, even if you do pay for premium content. As Shaggy would say, zoinks.

Even if you want to exchange your Candy for coins at the end of the event, the exchange rate is absurd: you'll be swapping 500 candy for a measly 10 gold. That means that even if you play exclusively Team games with a fellow premium skin holder and win every game, it'll take nine games just to earn 10 gold. Thankfully, skins and characters are all available in the local play mode, although we don't yet know if this applies to the Halloween event skins as well.

MultiVersus Season 1 is well underway, despite an initial delay, and the game is getting new content all the time. This Halloween update also brings Gremlins' Stripe with it, as well as a host of balance changes, so make sure to take a look at the full patch notes if you want to know all the things that have changed.

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