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MTG Arena Historic Anthology 3 Update Adds 27 Cards to Historic Play

May 22, 2020

By: Robert N. Adams


The MTG Arena Historic Anthology 3 Update has arrived, bringing with it 27 new cards for Historic Play! In addition, the MTG Arena update patch notes have arrived, detailing a bunch of bug fixes and other changes!

If you haven't been keeping up with Magic: The Gathering Arena, the developers have been constantly cranking out new cards and content for players to enjoy. Part of this new content is deployed for the game's "Historic" mode which allows players to construct decks with cards that are no longer legal in Standard Play.


Now, a hefty 27 new cards are now available for use in Historic Play — and that's not all that's on the way!

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MTG Arena Historic Anthology 3 Update — Patch Notes

The big highlight of this update is the addition of Historic Anthology 3 and its 27 new cards for Historic Play. Some of these cards were previewed earlier in May and now the full set of 27 is being made available.

Speaking of Historic Play, Historic Ranked queue will be making its return and it looks like it will be sticking around for good. If you preferred to play competitively with a different mix of cards than what's available in Standard Play, you now have another option to go with. Furthermore, Historic Play will now provide daily win progress and daily quest progress; this feature will also be sticking around for the foreseeable future.


Deckbuilding has gotten a couple of buffs in the patch, too. If you happen to have uncollected cards in a deck that are craftable, that status will now be shown on the deck. Invalid decks have more informative tooltips.

As for the Deck Manager, it now has a "Craft All" that's context-sensitive; this option will only pop up when you have enough Wildcards of the correct rarity to craft everything you need.

These are just some of the highlights that are arriving in Patch; read the full MTA Arena Historic Anthology 3 Update patch notes for all the fine details. If you'd like to get into this game for yourself, you can play it via

What do you think of the new additions for Historic Play in the MTG Arena patch? Which cards do you hope are added next? Let us know in the comments below!

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