Mr. Driller PSOne Classic Edition Delisted From North America PSN Store

Published: April 4, 2019 9:50 AM /


mr. driller

The PSOne Classic version of Mr. Driller has been delisted from the North American PlayStation Store.

The game was previously up for purchase at $5.99. Anyone with a PlayStation 3, PS Vita, or PSP could download the game and play it (PSOne Classics aren't playable on PS4). At the time of writing, it's no longer available to download from the North American store. Mr. Driller was never released as a PSOne Classic download in Europe, so this won't affect that region. If you've got a Japanese PSN account then you can still grab the game. It'll set you back ¥617, which is roughly $5.54. You can also pick up a copy of Mr. Driller G from the same store. Fun fact: the G in Mr. Driller G stands for "Great".

There are a number of reasons why games might be delisted from online stores. The first and most likely reason - especially in the case of Mr. Driller - is expired licensing rights or other conditions related to developer or publisher terms. Sometimes, content owners will delist games for other reasons, as with the canceled Silent Hills and its playable teaser P.T. If you've still got Mr. Driller downloaded on your hard drive then you'll still be able to access it. Similarly, if you've bought it in the past but deleted it, you should still find it on your download history. You just won't be able to buy a new copy of the PSOne Classic from the PSN Store in North America.

Mr. Driller is a puzzle game originally released for arcades in 1999 and ported to consoles. Players control Susumu Hori, son of Dig Dug's Taizou Hori, as he drills through many-colored blocks in an attempt to reach the bottom of each stage. The goal of the game is to reach the bottom without running out of air, with the game being compared to Dig Dug meets Tetris.

Does the delisting of Mr. Driller affect you? Did you have your eye on the game? Let us know in the comments below!


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