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Published: April 30, 2016 2:04 PM /


Move or Die - Viewers vs Streamers Preview

A new update has just released for Move or Die, a popular multiplayer steam title. The update is called Viewers vs Streamers and brings a wide variety of content including Twitch integration, new characters, new game modes, and even a new announcer voice.

Twitch mode can now be enabled in the settings and will allow people watching in the stream chat to influence the outcome of special games directly. After enabling this mode viewers will get to vote for what game modes will be played, decide on what mutators will be active during the game, and change the outcome of the game. The new game events that viewers will be able to decide the outcome are Balance, Dropkill, Lasers, and QWERTY Bombs. In Balance players will spawn on a platform above lava and viewers can type "left" or "right" into chat to change the way the platform tips. Dropkill has players spawning on their own platform that is slowly being lowered into death tiles, the viewers can vote for who they want to have their platforms raised delaying their death. Lasers simply has lasers triggered by twitch chat votes, once enough have been tallied then the lasers will fire on the players. The final game, QWERTY bomb, has a keyboard layout on the screen that will explode when viewers type in the corresponding letters.

On top of Twitch integration the new game mode Heavy Bullets has been added. In this mode players spawn with an empty gun and two bullets appear on screen. It's your aim to collect a bullet and shoot your enemy, but the bullet has a heavy modifier meaning that it is short range and will drop quickly. If the bullet misses its target this it can be picked it by an opponent and fired back. A teleporter mutator has also been added allowing players to teleport a brief distance, the best part of this is that you're able to teleport through doors and walls.

New playable characters that have been added include the Glitch from Twitch, Tankman from NewGrounds, Shovel Knight, and many more. The last of the new additions to Move or Die is Arin Hanson, otherwise known as Egoraptor from the Game Grumps, is a selectable announcer that you can have narrate all of your games. What might be the best part of this upgrade though is that it is completely free so chances are it has already updated in your Steam library.

What do you think of all the additions coming to Move or Die? Do you think that Twitch chat will just play favorites? Let us know in the comments below.

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