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Mountain Biome Wins Minecraft Update Vote

Published: September 30, 2019 3:41 PM



We have a winner! Today Mojang has announced that the mountain biome will be the next part of Minecraft they’ll be working on after it won the vote at Minecon live and be the focus of an upcoming Minecraft update.

So what will be added to the Mountain biome? The biggest addition appears to be goats, who will likely spend their time jumping around and screaming as men do, which is mostly what goats are famous for. Additionally, Mojang has promised “snow you can lose yourself in (literally)” and more jagged mountains. What will these actually do for the game? Those details haven’t been revealed yet, but it can be assumed that each will add some interesting gameplay element to the world. What we haven't got yet is exactly when this will be added to the game, but now we know it's being worked on.


However, we did lose a few things by voting for the Mountain Minecraft update. The other possible choices were swamps or badlands. Were the swamps to win, Mojang would have added frogs and mangrove trees to the game, along with the ability to put a chest on your boat so you can carry more things with you as you adventure off into the wilderness. Had the badlands won, Mojang would have added more cacti, vultures, and tumbleweeds to the game. There’s no news on if any of this will still be coming at a later date, but seeing as all the ideas were there, it seems likely that Mojang will eventually be adding it all to Minecraft.

There’s no word yet on when exactly the mountain update will drop, but in the meantime, you can currently buy Minecraft on many different platforms.


How do you feel about mountains winning? Were you one of the people who voted for it? Excited to see goats screaming in the distance? Wish that swamp or badlands won instead? Let us know in the comments below!

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