Moss: Book 2 Quest 2 Release Date Announced

The Moss series continues with Moss: Book 2 released this year, first on PlayStation and soon on Quest 2.

Published: June 9, 2022 2:01 PM /


Moss: Book 2

The adventure game Moss: Book 2 was exclusive to PlayStation, but that will be changing next month. The developers behind the game have announced that the game will be coming to the Oculus Quest 2, Facebook's VR headset on July 21st. This follows closely after its PlayStation VR release that occurred earlier this year on March 31st.

Moss: Book 2 Quest 2 Version

Since the first Moss released in 2018, the series has been entirely VR. It was first released on the PlayStation 4 before coming out with a PC version a few months later with improved graphics. The sequel Moss: Book 2 is following the same pattern with this upcoming version being available on the Quest 2 where players can access the game from the Oculus website. It's unknown whether it will eventually become available on Steam as well just like its predecessor.

Developed and published by Polyarc, Moss: Book 2 is a 3D platformer adventure game with puzzle elements. Despite its design, it's played entirely in VR where players will guide the hero, a mouse named Quill, from both tracking and fixed camera angles. The story continues from the previous game, with Quill in possession of an artifact called the Glass and an evil force known as the Arcane attempting to take it from her. Quill's world of Moss is currently under the Arcane's rule and the player will need to help her end it. The game will Quill through a complex castle filled with puzzles to solve and obstacles to overcome. Quill will also gain access to a variety of weapons which will allow her to battle the various enemies she encounters within.

Moss: Book 2 includes members of the team who worked on the sequel including music composer Jason Graves, which Polyarc announced on their Twitter. Come mid-July, players will be able to continue Quill's journey on a non-PSVR platform.

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