More Wood Required as Stronghold: Warlords Brings Back Economy Missions

Published: November 18, 2019 2:29 PM /


Stronghold Warlords

If you're less of a violent player, and more of an economy sort of guy, you may be excited to hear that Stronghold: Warlords will be bringing back economy missions, according to Firefly Studios co-founder Simon Bradbury in an interview we conducted.

When asked if the game will have an economic mode or campaign, Simon was straight and to the point.

I believe the answer to that is yes, it is.

Hey, a nice direct answer.

After this, Simon did note that Firefly knows what the fans liked, and how the economic mode tended to be popular among them. Even more so, he talks about how the missions tended to be the toughest ones for him personally, specifically calling out the hop weevils.

We definitely know that's what people liked. To be honest, in the original Stronghold, I loved the game, I was in a nice position to be coding in a lot of it, but actually the economy missions... I still think have it for me in terms of my favorite ones. They have a little bit of fighting in it, but they're just really really... they're hard. You sort of think the economy missions will be easy, but the economy missions in Stronghold are really really hard because you get totaled by fire or hop weevil. I mean, not many games can make a grown man cry with the use of hop weevil. But Stronghold seemed to manage that. To me, anyway.

Others must feel the same, as attempting to Google "hop weevils" causes Google to immediately suggest adding Stronghold to that. Personally, I found the rabbits to be far worse.

This is just part of our interview with Simon. The full interview will be going up tomorrow, November 18, so be sure to check back in on TechRaptor to see.

Stronghold: Warlords is set to be released on PC sometime in 2020.

Are you excited for an economy mode in Stronghold: Warlords? Going to win it? Do you also have terrible memories of hop weevils and rabbits destroying your crops? Let us know in the comments below!


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