New Stranger of Paradise DLC Release Date Announced

Published: September 9, 2022 9:36 AM /


Stranger of Paradise DLC header showing off the logo and Gilgamesh from the DLC

If you've been hankering for more Stranger of Paradise DLC to play through, then today is your lucky day, as the Wanderer of the Rift DLC has received an October 26th release date. This comes after the previously released Stranger of Paradise DLC Trials of the Dragon King. After you've completed this DLC, you'll be able to play through the Different Future missions that are releasing at a later date.

What can I expect from this latest Stranger of Paradise DLC?

You'll have to fight your way through the Labyrinth of Dimensions, which is a dungeon that will randomly configure your path to unlock pieces of the story. That sounds somewhat annoying, but at least you'll have access to a new job, the Blue Mage, to console you as you fight through the forces of C H A O S. There are also special monsters that you can fight and summon in battle through the use of a Summoning Stone, which is neat.

New equipment will be made available to unlock new abilities, and there's a new class of enemies called Chaotic Monsters that will give players a harder time and more of a reason to hate C H A O S. Gilgamesh, a fan favorite character from Final Fantasy in general, will also make an appearance, so be sure to be on the lookout for him as well.

Stranger of Paradise DLC screenshot showing two characters beating each other up.
Now kith.

If you're ready to show that world that you hate C H A O S, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is available now for consoles (but not Nintendo Switch), as well as PC via Epic Games Store. This second DLC will only be available for the Stranger of Paradise Season Pass, so be sure to get that as well. After all, this is kinda sorta a Final Fantasy I prequel, so if you're a Final Fantasy lore fiend you owe it to yourself to defeat C H A O S, right? Right.

Want to see the latest Stranger of Paradise DLC (and Gilgamesh) in action? Check it out below!

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