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More Specifics on the Witcher 3 Patch 1.07

July 11, 2015 8:00 AM

By: Harrison Stewart



CD Projekt Red decided to release a patch within the next week that fixes an extensive list of problems that have been reported and adds small tweaks for convenience. The list from their website is extremely long so we will summarize some of the important points here.




This patch includes a lot of fixes. It looks like CD Projekt Red decided to create a list of all of the problems players have been having, set a week or so of development time out of the way and fixed at least the majority of them, as implied by them saying that Patch 1.07 will be replacing the week's free DLC. They range from collision detection fixes to fixes to the horseback riding to characters not appearing during quests, making them impossible to complete without reloading the quest. Specifically, there is a fix for an infinite load screen glitch during the "Ladies of the Wood" quest.

Optimization and increased performance also appear on the list. The list mentions general optimization, however two specific places where performance are going to increase are in the swamps of No Man's Land and Kaer Morhen during the "Battle of Kaer Morhen" quest. Kaer Morhen specifically will have FX improvements and it seems like No Man's Land will be getting similar treatment. Another specific place they mentioned was in Keira's magic bubble, which had an issue that caused performance to decrease.



The points that were not about performance and fixes were changes to the inventory system and movement. Books will be getting their own separate tab, and read and unread books will be marked separately. All crafting items will add no weight to inventory, making it easier to carry more loot. An important addition to the game is a more responsive targeting system, making it easier to switch between targets and avoid getting hit from behind.

Also mentioned was an alternate move set for Geralt, which will be more responsive. The change to the movement seems to respond to people saying that Geralt's movements were a bit sluggish and jerky. This change is completely optional and will be activated from the gameplay menu screen.




Quick Take

There is plenty more to this patch than what I mentioned here, these are just points that I thought were particularly important. The entire list is on their forums.

For me the biggest changes are the changes to the movement and the inventory. I've had issues where I've fallen off of buildings because the movement is so sluggish when Geralt just begins to move. The changes to the Inventory are big to me because finding specific notes was a nightmare, especially if it's necessary for a quest. Separating books and notes and marking what has been read is a godsend.

Did you read the entire list on the CD Projekt Red forums? What do you think is the biggest change in the patch notes? Leave a comment below about what you think. Check back here for more patch notes in the future.

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