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If theres one thing all Destiny 2 players have grown to love its the in-game cosmetic store, Eververse.  Beginning today, all Destiny 2 players can purchase year one emotes with the games hard currency with an addition to the Eververse storefront aptly named "Temporal Surge".  While you could have earned these emotes for free through bright engrams and a lot of luck (just like everything in Destiny 2). This first round of the Temporal Surge aims to let new players buy older year one emotes with real money or more accurately Destiny 2's premium currency silver - note that none of the other currencies or options will work here.

According to the official Bungie blog, the rare and legendary motes will stay the same as any earned by gamers before, but the exotic motes will have slight color variations from the originals found in past bright engrams to "allow the original version to retain their uniqueness." Additionally, Temporal Surge's are temporary offers and then they disappear again, and when it comes back in the future it may offer different supplies.

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While these aren't the most insidious or even controversial micro-transactions to come to the game, they definitely aren't cheap.  Right now the cost for a Temporal Surge is set at;

Rare Emotes - 200 Silver /$4.99 USD (minimum purchase for 500 silver on PlayStation Store)

Legendary Emotes - 500 Silver / $4.99 USD

Exotic Emotes - 1000 Silver / $9.99 USD

If you wanted to purchase them all you'd be looking at needing 7600 Silver, which very roughly equates to $76.00.

Some gamers have noticed that you are able to buy emotes you already previously owned, so if you're about to drop $10 on that sweeping emote, make sure you don't already have it... unless you really want a different colored broom, more power to you.

If you haven't played Destiny 2 yet, it's currently free on battlenet if you use the gifting process detailed in that article and its excellent expansion Destiny 2: Forsaken was positively received in our review in which you can read here.

What do you think about the addition of Temporal Surge? Are the emotes even worth paying $10 for?  Do you buy anything from eververse with the in-game hard currency?  Is the ramen bowl emote the best emote in the game?  Let us know in the comments below! 

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