More Marvel's Avengers Cosmetics Will Be Earnable in the Coming Months

Crystal Dynamics has announced that more Marvel's Avengers cosmetics will be earnable by players on PC and consoles in a future update — including several items that are currently exclusive to the in-game store.

Published: September 8, 2021 2:05 PM /


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More Marvel's Avengers cosmetics will be earnable by players on PC and consoles in the coming months - including some items that have only been exclusive to the store.

Marvel's Avengers didn't have the greatest start for a live service game, but Crystal Dynamics has been hard at work to redeem itself in the eyes of players. It revealed an ambitious roadmap for 2021 and more details about the War for Wakanda expansion.

A round of game updates in early 2021 has brought players back to the game, but Crystal Dynamics is not resting on its laurels - it has some pretty interesting plans for the future of the game including improvements to the game's cosmetics and gear systems.

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How Marvel's Avengers Cosmetics and Gear Are Improving

Crystal Dynamics has revealed that it's going to be making more Marvel's Avengers cosmetics earnable through gameplay in a new "State of the Game" post that launched on the game's official website today. This will include some items that were previously only available by purchasing them through the in-game shop - certainly a good move after the debacle with store-exclusive cosmetic items from earlier this year. Unfortunately, it didn't have much more in the way of details to share on this initiative just yet.

However, the game's developers were able to explain some changes that will be coming to Gear upgrading. An upcoming Power Level increase is on the way and Marvel's Avengers players will be able to upgrade Epic, Legendary, and Exotic Gear from Power Level 100 all the way up to the new cap.

Resources, too, will be getting several improvements as part of a more "streamlined and focused approach." In the future, each resource will have a "single specific purpose" going forward; the only exception will be Fragments which will continue to have multiple uses.

These are the big highlights that were detailed in today's news post; unfortunately, we'll be waiting for some time before these changes actually make their way into the game. That said, Crystal Dynamics has something nice for players in the very near future: players who complete all four story-based campaigns between September 2–16, 2021, will earn a special nameplate; anyone who has completed this feat will retroactively receive this reward.

Additionally, there will be some free items in the marketplace — a free Iron Man Outfit and anniversary bundle (featuring a Black Panther nameplate, Hero’s Catalyst, and Fragment Extractor) will be available for the first week and a free Thor outfit and additional Hero's Catalyst will be available in the second week. You can get all of this cool new content (plus everything else that's yet to come) by buying Marvel's Avengers for PC and consoles via its official website.

What do you think of the upcoming changes to Marvel's Avengers cosmetics, gear, and gameplay? What one change would you like to see Crystal Dynamics make to the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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