More Information About 2064: Read Only Memories and Read Only Memories: Type-M

Published: April 21, 2016 10:15 AM /


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About a week ago it was announced that Read Only Memories would be getting an updated version titled 2064: Read Only Memories that would include voice acting and new content, and a mobile port titled Read Only Memories: Type-M. After an e-mail exchange with developers MidBoss, we have learned more details about both games.

First up is Read Only Memories: Type-M. This iOS/Android/Kindle port of the game is being described as a "stripped down version". The idea is being able to see the game's stories but cutting out some of the puzzles that didn't work too well on mobile. MidBoss CEO Matt Conn compared it to the iOS remake of Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. The game will feature an updated interface, some reworked dialogue, and an updated canon to reflect 2064: Read Only Memories, but won't be very different from the original release otherwise. It also will not feature the voice acting and other updates being added to 2064: Read Only Memories. Read Only Memories: Type-M will be releasing sometime in May.

Now onto 2064: Read Only Memories which will be a significant free update for all current owners of the game and the version that will be released on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Speaking of the PlayStations, Conn confirmed that the game will have cross-buy and will most likely also have cross-save functionalities. Conn talked about the new content 2064: Read Only Memories would have. Included in the update will be a new opening for the game, new endings, some new areas and characters for those areas, and some new puzzles as well. Conn also talked about the polish that the update will be adding.

"...a lot of polish that we couldn't have anticipated when building it. While watching Let's Plays, we learned a lot about what were issues people had, pain points, bad plot points and I think we've worked out something a lot..more complete with 2064. I think ROM was really a passion project but as it was our first game, we ran into a few major issues that we couldn't really work out how to fix before release, but we're all feeling really good about 2064."

One big new feature that the update will include is voice acting. While the original post only mentioned Melissa Hutchingson taking the role of Turing, Conn confirmed some other voice actors and their roles in 2064: Read Only Memories. Adam Harrington, who played Bigby Wolf in The Wolf Among Us, will be taking the role of Dr. Yannick Fairlight. Sarah Elmaleh, known for her role as Katie in Gone Home, will be playing Lexi Rivers. Gavin Hammon, best known as The Walking Dead's Kenny, will be taking the roles of Charlie and Nonya. Finally, they confirmed Erin Fitzgerald, who is Persona 4's Chie and has a ton of other voice acting credits, will be playing Melody Flores. Conn also said Dave Fennoy, The Walking Dead's Lee, will be in the game but did not specify a role for him. Finally, Conn promised some "interesting guest stars that I think the internet will find interesting", but did not give any details on who.

One thing that was noticed was the price of Read Only Memories got bumped up from $9.99 to $19.99 after the announcement of the updated version. It was confirmed that $19.99 will be the price of 2064: Read Only Memories. Anyone who had bought the game already will be getting the new content for free at least. It makes sense, as adding voice acting alone is already going to be a huge undertaking. Notably the game is still $9.99 on GOG, but Conn said they've already sent out e-mails to change that and were just waiting on GOG itself.

When Read Only Memories launched, it also made the rounds releasing on a few different microconsoles. The Ouya, Kindle Fire TV, and Razor Forge all have versions of the game on them. While Conn said they would like to, at the current time they are unsure if those consoles will be able to get the updated game. Until they can confirm they can update those, the game will remain in its current state and at its current price point for them.

There is no current release date for 2064: Read Only Memories, but the original game can still be bought on Steam, and Humble Store for $19.99, or on GOG for $9.99 (until that changes.)


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