More Games Coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC

Published: September 24, 2019 7:37 PM /


xbox game pass inside xbox

Today during the Inside Xbox show, Microsoft announced the next batch of games that will be coming out for Xbox Game Pass for PC, and they'll be dropping on September 26th.

The first game is Bad North, a roguelite that combines strategy and tower defense elements. You'll have to gather together troops and deploy them on islands to help fight off invaders as they try to land via boats.

The next game promised was Dirt Rally 2.0. A racing game that features some difficult turns and tracks, the narrator of the stream actually said the words "The Dark Souls of racing games." If that's true or not is debatable, or if anyone should ever say that, but at the very least it looks like a fun time for racing fans.

The third game that's being added is Cities Skylines, a city management game made to fill the hole left in our hearts after Sim City seems to have left us. Here you'll be spending your time building and running the cities of your dreams, which should be a good time for fans of the genre.

Finally, you'll also get crazy open-world third-person shooter Saints Row IV. Having the Saints gang trapped inside of a computer simulation by an evil alien overlord, you'll get crazy superpowers and a chance to wreck some alien faces with super punches and fireballs.

In addition to this, Microsoft mentioned that more ID@Xbox games will be launching directly into Game Pass. Among the included games were noir-styled adventure game Genesis Noire, silly downhill racing game Downhill, and pinball/SHMUP mash-up Demon's Tilt. More information about ID@Xbox games coming to the game pass will be announced during a special show on September 26th.

Along with all the games, Microsoft announced that they would be overhauling the Xbox Game Pass for PC's app's UI to help make it run faster, which will be rolling out in October.

How do you feel about Xbox Game Pass for PC? Are you subscribed to the service? Have any thoughts on the games announced here? Let us know in the comments below!


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