More Akiba's Beat Details Emerge, Fall Japanese Release

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The action RPG and sequel to Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed we reported on yesterday, Akiba's Beat, has gotten more details courtesy of the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu. A rough release date of Fall 2016 has been posted, as well as details about some of the senior staff and characters in the game. Development is also reportedly nearing completion, currently standing at 75 percent.  A few more details come courtesy of this blog post.

As expected, Akiba's Beat is taking place in the ever present Akihabara district of Tokyo, capital of otaku, gaming, and computer parts, just as the previous games have (though only the most recent entry has seen Western release).  Emphasis has been again placed in realistic reproduction of the Electric Town.  This time, the game's characters appear to get trapped in a world of delusions and "Sunday repeats."  Dungeons appear in this world, serving as physical manifestations of these delusions.

The battle system appears to be symbol encounter based, where touching symbols while roaming will engage combat with an enemy party.  Special headphones can be equipped to boost your combat potential, and evidently "change the battle mode."

Among the brief list of features was, as mentioned above, a list of characters.

  • Asahi Tachibana:  The protagonist of Akiba's Beat.  A 19-year-old NEET.  Before becoming a shut-in, he came to Tokyo to go to college but dropped out after a single year.
  • Saki Hoshino:  An 18-year-old vocational school student who moved to Akihabara to attend said school.  Has a familiar named "Pin-kun", whom she worked with to "destroy the world of delusion" before she met Asahi.
  • Pin-kun: The aforementioned familiar of Saki.  Actually looks rather hideous, but believes it looks cute on the contrary.
  • Yamato Hongo: A 16-year-old boy.  Everyone seems to think he's cute.
  • Riyu Momose:  A 14-year-old idol.  She's based in Akihabara.

We also know that ClariS will be singing the theme song this time, with UCMM doing character design.  Akiba's Beat is being directed by Kouta Takano, who previously worked on Divine Gate.

Now all we need to do is wait for the teaser site countdown to complete.  Akiba's Beat will be hitting PS4 and PS Vita upon release in Japan this fall.

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