Mordhau Update Finally Adds Female Characters

Published: October 27, 2022 9:51 AM /


Mordhau update header showing off the new female characters

After over three years, the latest Mordhau update has finally added the choice of choosing whether or not you want to be a male or female character while bashing someone's skull in. There's also a new map, weapon skins, cosmetic items, and DLC to help keep things fresh. The last update was back in June, so players have had a few months to get used to the new assets and UI that shook things up a bit.

Probably the feature that stands out the most, female characters, needs more work to make it shine. There are only four new voices and one face to choose from right now, which isn't the greatest thing for a game that prides itself on customization. What the developers did get right is that the hitboxes haven't changed, which, for a medieval slasher, could've been a very big deal.

As you'd expect from a new Mordhau update, there are many more cosmetics to grind out now, to the extent that the developers have doubled the base gold rate to help "new players have a chance of grinding for all the stuff that’s now included in the game". That's a very nice change that everyone will appreciate, even the veterans who are going to grind out the new cosmetics by simply playing the game.

The latest Mordhau update adds a lot of cosmetics for you to earn.
The latest Mordhau update adds a lot of cosmetics for you to earn.

A new map, Dungeon, should also help shake things up a little bit. It supports all game modes and is appropriately spooky considering the current holiday season. It's also close quarters and is very different to every other map that is currently available. There are lots of interactable elements to use and traps that you can cause trouble with, which should provoke some anger from the unlucky victims and laughs from everyone else.

If you're in the mood for some extra stuff, you can spend 5 dollars and purchase the Dragon Set DLC. It comes with a full set of armor and different variations of the helm and pauldrons. There's also a massive sword you can swing around, which I'm sure will look very pretty as you use it to slice through someone's spleen. 

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