Mordhau Update 20 Brings New Map And Lots More

Published: December 7, 2020 9:47 AM /


A chaotic battle in Mordhau

Medieval hack-and-slash battler Mordhau has received a new update. This new Mordhau update adds a brand new map, some new equipment skins, and lots and lots of balance changes, among other things.

What's in Mordhau update 20?

First up, you can look forward to a brand new map in the latest Mordhau update. Highlands will be available in the Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch, Skirmish, Duel, and Teamfight modes, and is intended for smaller-scale conflicts. As the name implies, it's a verdant, grassy map with plenty of beautiful scenery to enjoy while you're stabbing your opponents to death with a spear. The devs say they've got "bigger maps in the works too" and will be ready to share info on those maps in the future.

The new Highlands map in Mordhau
Here's a look at the new Highlands map in medieval battler Mordhau.

That's not all that's coming in the new update, of course. You'll also find new skins for shields, as well as a brand new helmet. Here's a look at the new Crusader's Kite and Footman's Heater shield skins:

The new shield skins in Mordhau

Here, meanwhile, is a glimpse of the new Gallowglass Barbute helmet skin:

The new Gallowglass Barbute helmet skin in Mordhau

Finally, in the major "headline" section of the update, Mordhau's developers have overhauled Toolbox buildable visual elements. You'll notice that the wall cover element is now shorter and allows vaulting over it. Here's a look at the new Toolbox buildable graphics:

The new Toolbox buildable graphics in Mordhau

What else is included in the new Mordhau update?

As you might expect from a Mordhau patch, there are also a wealth of balance changes and updates to the game in update 20. These include changes to the horse couch system, as well as some tweaks to certain pieces of equipment and changes to animations. You can take a look at the full patch notes over on the game's official Steam page if you want to know everything that's changed.

Mordhau is available right now on PC via Steam. It's a multiplayer medieval battler in which you can create your own fighter and take part in large-scale brutal battles. You'll experience melee combat, ranged battling, sieges, cavalry charges, and plenty more. Developer Triternion's intent is to strike a balance between realism and enjoyable gameplay; while combat is appropriately weighty, you'll also find plenty of cosmetics and customization options to help you immerse yourself in the action. 

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