Mordhau Update; Adds New Map, Mountain Peak Expansion, and More

Published: March 26, 2020 3:12 PM /



Developer Triternion's online medieval hack 'n' slash, Mordhau, originally released back in April 2019. The title since then received a major expansion when it hit one million units sold in June, a few months after its launch. The developer teased another significant content update coming players' way earlier this month, and it is finally time.

Update #17 brings a plethora of new content, new features, modes, skin sets, a new map, and much more. Most importantly, the studio overhauled Mordhau's Duel mode, resetting everyone's duel MMR, adding leaderboards, introducing rank decay for high ELO players, and giving players the luxury to put their rank emblem on display on their profile whenever they queue up. Not only that, but the development team also reworked the loadout system, upgrading its capacity from 16 to 48 points, giving players the ability to try out more diverse builds and ease Triternion's work when addressing individual weapons and items. The following is a brief list of additions to Mordhau, including the new Invasion map, Battle Axe skin set, and so much more.

  • Added new map: Castello
  • Added Mountain Peak expansion and new Invasion map
  • Added Vanguard’s Kettle helmet and variations
  • Added The Fallen’s Longsword skin
  • Added Court Minstrel's Lute skin
  • Added Spectacles wearable
  • Added Eye patch wearable
  • Added Cleaver skin set
  • Added Battle Axe skin set
  • Added Hunter’s Estoc skin
  • Added Hunter Hat and Scout hat variant
  • Added Hunter’s brutal Crossbow skin
  • Added Heavy barbute wearable
  • Added Crowned heavy barbute wearable
  • Added Crown wearable
  • Added Raider’s Greatsword skin
  • Added Velvet pauldrons
  • Added Elizabethan leg armor
  • Added Elizabethan sabatons
  • Added Plague doctor mask

This isn't even close to everything the update brings to the title, as it performs several reworks and balancing to weapons and items while enhancing the game's performance overall. Mordhau is exclusively available on PC. Make sure to check out the studio's teaser trailer for the major update that was released in the past few days leading up to its release. It features a sneak peek on what to expect once you launch the game after downloading the update.

What addition are you most looking forward to try out from Mordhau's latest update? There is a lot of content to go through, including maps, weapons, skins, and gear. Let us know your favorite new addition to Mordhau in the comments section below.

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