MORDHAU Patch 25 Adds New Assets and UI

MORDHAU's new Patch 25 continues its desert theme by adding in a new map, new mount, and a smoother UI.

Published: June 23, 2022 3:06 PM /



The medieval PvP genre has a popular member in MORDHAU which has just received a brand new patch. In the interest of expanding the game, Patch 25 will be adding a list of new assets while updating some in-game systems. Since the game is largely skill-focused, this patch has the potential to significantly change how characters play in a new environment.

The changes of MORDHAU Patch 25

Created by Triternion, MORDHAU was released in 2019 to PC. It quickly gained an audience for being a highly competitive and skillful experience that needed maintenance as it got bigger. It has applied a number of fixes and updates with Patch 25 going live today. Although it addresses some technical issues, the new additions take the spotlight. This patch acts as the second installment of a much larger installment called Eastern Invasion with content to match. Among it are Camels which act as new mounts for players to ride across a brand new desert-themed map called Arid. In terms of aesthetics, there are several new skins that can be applied to the Dagger & Arming Sword set, the Heater Shield, and the Eastern Waraxe. Players will also be able to customize their warriors with over 20 new cosmetic items which include full outfits.

Aside from the content, Patch 25 adds a number of technical alterations to MORDHAU overall. The biggest is the change to the Armor UI system which has been made easier to use through sliding and dragging. To improve functionality, numerous fixes have been applied to very specific elements. These involve fixing UI sounds in certain parts of the game, making it so horses don't lose acceleration in specific scenarios, addressing the chambering crashes, and allowing the chat menu to close properly when pressing escape. Combat has also been changed to increase sweep distance, reduce the sound armor clinks and footsteps, and reduce the stab feint lockout to limit double parries.

MORDHAU revolves around skilled combat and players being able to move, parry, and create openings in order to win. With Patch 25 applies, the game becomes more functional while giving players more options.

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