MORDHAU Invasion Mode Introduces Attack/Defend Gameplay

Published: September 11, 2019 4:00 PM /


mordhau invasion mode

The MORDHAU Invasion Mode has arrived in a brand-new update for the game, bringing Attack/Defend gameplay to three maps in this medieval melee. The first steps to MORDHAU mod support and several other small changes have also made their way into the game in this patch.

MORDHAU Invasion Mode Arrives

Invasion Mode will be an asymmetrical style of gameplay. The game's previous maps focused on balanced battles, but Invasion mode will shift the focus to an Attack/Defend style of gameplay. And that's exactly what it sounds like: one team will be wholly focused on attacking while the opposing team does their darnedest to defend the objective.

This new game mode will initially be available on Grad, Taiga, and Camp. Future maps will be adapted for Invasion in the future, including two new upcoming maps named Feitoria and Castello. Invasion Mode will be mixed in with the regular map rotation on Frontline servers, but that's not all that's coming to the game in this patch.

Basic MORDHAU Mod Support Introduced

The first steps to MORDHAU mod support have been implemented with the implementation of automatic map downloading. This will make it much easier for server owners to run custom maps as players won't have to worry about grabbing them off of an external website.

Additionally, one other element has been added for mod support, best highlighted by this excerpt from the patch notes:

Server owners can specify their auth token in the ServerModAuthToken field in Game.ini which they get from Any mods subscribed by the user will be automatically downloaded & updated by the server on startup.
Unfortunately, there's still a long way to go until the official SDK is released. That hasn't stopped the community from making maps anyway, and at least this barebones mod functionality will make it easier for the dedicated players to enjoy custom maps.

MORDHAU seems to be shaping up its post-launch content nicely; it's been a solid success for Triternion, selling well over a million copies. If you don't already own this game, you can grab a copy of yourself on Steam for the price of $29.99 or your regional equivalent.

What do you think of the new MORDHAU Invasion Mode? Do you think the developers should prioritize getting MORDHAU mod support working? Let us know in the comments below!


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