Mordhau Hits 1 Million Units Sold, Releases New Patch and Trading Cards

Published: June 8, 2019 5:02 PM /


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Today, Mordhau developer Triternion has announced that Mordhau has sold one million copies, along with its release of Patch #7 and Steam Trading Cards.

The update brings the map Crossroads, which will feature horses, mortars, and a single objective that players will have to hold in the center of the map.

Along with the mortar and Crossroads, new shiny things include the Javelin, a throwable spear, and the Heavy Hand Axe, which also has a repair hammer on the back of it, just in case you are strange enough to want to kill people and repair things at the same time.

Other improvements with the patch include weapon and perk rebalancing, a client-side chat mute for those annoying players that won't shut up, the aforementioned Steam Trading Cards, new cosmetics to grind for, and other tweaks and improvements. The developers are also disabling Steam family sharing with the update because players who have been banned have been using the feature to get around bans. Sneaky.

Other cool things in the patch include adding the little feature where having 75 damage dealt counts as an assist and a kill, changing the crosshair dot turns to turn red when looking at an enemy and is slightly transparent when looking at an ally, and altering the scoreboard autoscroll so that it now only scrolls as much as needed in order to top scorer a lot more. Other changes include improving the longsword and bastard sword hit sounds, and the very sad addition where players can no longer cosplay as ninjas, as the footstep sounds of enemies and allies have been slightly increased.

To look at the full announcement for today's news, click here.

Quick Take

Mordhau is a game where it completely deserves all of its sales. It has been a game that players have literally wanted for decades, and it fills that specific niche (multiplayer medieval title) perfectly. I'm looking forward to seeing where the game goes from here. 

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