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Published: April 20, 2022 5:33 PM /


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The Moonlighter mobile version will be coming to Netflix Games for Android and iOS, bringing a great action RPG and shop management sim to the streaming service's gaming platform.

Moonlighter is a game that is part action RPG and part shop management sim. You'll dive into nearby ruins to fight enemies and earn cool loot. Then, you head back to the surface and sell it at your shop. It's a compelling formula that helped sell over half a million copies back in 2019, and now the mobile version is being added to Netflix's gaming service.


Moonlighter Shifts to Netflix Games After Removal from Android and iOS

Moonlighter will soon be available on Android and iOS via Netflix Games according to an announcement from its publisher 11 bit studios.

"Great news! Mobile version of #Moonlighter will be soon available on @netflix!" read the tweet from 11 bit studios. "Stay tuned for more info[!]"

Strictly speaking, this is not a new release for Moonlighter on Android and iOS -- the game was actually available via both Google Play and the Apple App Store not too long ago. Unfortunately, the game was quietly removed from both storefronts earlier this year.


"Moonlighter has been taken down from both mobile stores: Google Play and App Store," read a Reddit comment from the publishers back in mid-February 2022. "While we are working on a different distribution model, the game won't be available for purchasing at these stores anymore. However, on the accounts that the game has been purchased for, it will be further available. That said, the players who bought the game, are still going to have it, enjoy, and fight monsters in the dungeons to get loot and sell it for monies. Thank you."

Netflix Games officially launched on Android late last year, shortly after the company acquired Oxenfree developer Night School Studio. It has since acquired some more game developers such as Boss Fight Entertainment.

Moonlighter won't be the only new addition to Netflix Games, either. Just two days ago, Exploding Kittens - The Game was announced alongside an Exploding Kittens Netflix series.


We don't yet know exactly when Moonlighter will be making its debut on Netflix Games. For now, you can buy Moonlighter for PC and consoles starting at $19.99 or your regional equivalent.

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