Monster Sanctuary's Update 1.1 Includes New Game Plus, Two New Difficulty Modes

Monster Sanctuary's latest patch includes a ton of balancing changes and other cool new features.

Published: April 9, 2021 10:41 AM /


Monster Sanctuary

Monster Sanctuary update 1.1 is the latest addition to the game and it includes a New Game Plus mode, Casual & Master Difficulty modes, a new PVP matchmaking system, a new PVP season, and balancing changes for this Pokemon meets metroidvania game. Let's take a look at them all in detail, shall we?

What's new in the Monster Sanctuary Update?

The biggest new addition is the New Game Plus Mode which will be unlocked once players have completed the main story content of the game at least once. When you choose NewGame+ from a menu, players have the option of selecting any of their existing save games, and it will determine the extra monsters and items available from the start. You can then start your new save file on the same save slot or on any other save slot. Items not carried over include Crystal Shards, Craft Materials, Food, Key/Story Items, Level 40 Badges, Craft & Reward Boxes, and Battle Items. These will be converted to gold in the new save file. 

Casual and Master difficulty modes are also now in the game. In Casual difficulty, monsters have less health and do less damage. In Keeper Encounters, the enemy monster equipment level is reduced by 1. On Master, wild monsters have more skills, do more damage, and have more health. The enemy monster equipment level is increased by 1. The difficulty level can be changed at any time by going into the options menu, and this can be changed mid-game.

New PVP matchmaking will take the level of your 3 highest monsters into consideration, also taking into consideration the average equipment upgrade level of those monsters. Outside of a certain level range that is based on monster level + equipment level, players are not able to match. Matchmaking will also take your PVP rating into account.

To take advantage of that, a new PVP season has started, which means that everyone starts in Bronze league again. Players will get rewards for ascending into higher PVP leagues. This update had many balancing changes to monsters, skill trees, and skills--all of which were done with the PVP meta in mind.

Balance changes are quite numerous, with 20 changes to monsters and many more changes made to both skill and equipment, which will make a new PvP environment most likely and perhaps some changes in your PvE play too. Be sure to check them out here along with the rest of the patch notes.

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