Monster Hunter XX Not Coming To The West

Published: June 14, 2017 5:15 PM /



The reveal of Monster Hunter: World has been touted as a return to form for the game on consoles, but one question on the minds of fans was Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross), which was announced for the Nintendo Switch in Japan late last month.

As of right now, Capcom has no plans to bring Monster Hunter XX to the west at this time, according to a recent tweet by Capcom's EMEA Community Manager.…

Monster Hunter: World is the main focus for Capcom at E3 this year, as numerous features are being implemented into the title, including camouflage shirts, machine guns, grappling hooks and 'drop-in' multiplayer. Many of these new features were shown or hinted at in gameplay video shown at the PlayStation E3 Conference.

Currently, Monster Hunter: World will not be released for the Nintendo Switch, but is scheduled for a PS4, Xbox One and PC release in 2018.

Monster Hunter XX was seen as a possible candidate for the Switch in the West by fans, in particular for the cross-play capabilities the title has been touted to have with Monster Hunter XX for the 3DS.

Quick Take

Honestly, this is a bad move in my book, although I understand why they are doing it. Monster Hunter on the Switch would cover all of their bases, and if they can bring Monster Hunter XX to the system in Japan, a western release, which many fans wanted for the system, would be just as easy to do. 

Likely the reason for not bringing it out now is due to their emphasis on Monster Hunter: World, so they don't split up the market. between two games. The sheer amount of features shown for World is also staggering, so it's clear Capcom want to focus on it for the time being.

What are your thoughts though? You want Capcom to release Monster Hunter XX to the West? Please leave your comments below and be sure to check out the rest of our E3 coverage at our E3 coverage hub


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