Monster Hunter XX Coming to the Switch in Japan

Published: May 29, 2017 3:07 PM /


Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch

Capcom announced during this weekend's Monster Hunter Championship that Monster Hunter XX will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in Japan on August 25. Monster Hunter XX is currently available on the 3DS in Japan, and it is an improved version of Monster Hunter Generations, which is already available in the West on the 3DS.

So, why should Westerners care that Monster Hunter XX is coming to the Switch in Japan? Well, it likely that the port will eventually come to the West once localization is taken care of. This would also be the first game from the Monster Hunter franchise to come to the Switch.

Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Gematsu reported additional information concerning the port. They reported that the Switch version supports 1080p resolution, as well as four-player local co-op and online co-op. Also, Monster Hunter XX will reportedly support online cross-play between the 3DS and the Switch.

Monster Hunter XX will also support cross-saving between the 3DS and the Switch, according to Gematsu. Better yet, the Switch port will also allow players to transfer their Monster Hunter Generations save data onto the Switch version of Monster Hunter XX, but understandably not visa-versa.

The Switch port will cost 5,800 yen at retail in Japan (about $52 USD), and 5,546 yen via download (about $50 USD).

Monster Hunter XX on the Nintendo Switch will get a special hardware bundle in Japan, too. That bundle will cost 36,280 yen (about $326 USD). The bundle features Monster Hunter artwork emblazoned on the Switch's dock. Again, it has not yet been confirmed as to whether this bundle will be coming to the West, but there's definitely a chance that it could. However, if it does, it looks like you'll have to reserve your bundle fast, as pre-orders for the bundle in Japan have already sold out on Capcom's online store.

Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Swtich Bundle Japan

Are you excited about the possibility of Monster Hunter game coming to the Switch in the West? What do you think of the bundle? Let us know in the comments section below!

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