Some Monster Hunter: World Event Quests Are Being Removed

Early next month, two Monster Hunter: World event quests based on major crossover content are being removed from the game

Published: November 5, 2021 10:13 AM /


A player in Monster Hunter: World wearing the Assassin's Creed crossover event gear

It might be time to fire up your copy of Monster Hunter: World and get a little more time in. Next month, Capcom is removing two major Monster Hunter: World event quests for good, so you won't be able to play them at all when they're gone.

Which Monster Hunter: World event quests are being removed?

Although there are only two Monster Hunter: World event quests on their way out, they're pretty big ones. The first is the quest "SDF: Silent, Deadly, and Fierce", which grants you an item you can use to obtain Bayek's gear as Layered Armor in the game, as well as an Assassin's hood. The second quest to be removed is the Monster Hunter movie crossover quest, which comes in two parts: "The New World" and "To Our World". These quests grant two sets of layered armor based on Milla Jovovich's character in the Monster Hunter movie, plus a new guild card background, new poses, and new titles.

The gear you can unlock in the departing Monster Hunter: World event quests
You've only got a limited time to unlock these swanky layered armor sets in the departing Monster Hunter: World event quests.

Don't worry if you haven't tackled these quests yet; you've got another month or so to give them a try. The quests are leaving Monster Hunter: World on December 3rd, so as long as you do them before then, you'll get to keep your rewards. You can find the Monster Hunter movie quest and the Assassin's Creed quest on the mission board. To get Bayek's armor, you'll have to be Hunter Rank 14 or higher, while to take on the movie challenge, you must be Master Rank 1 or above. The gear is pretty nice-looking, so it's definitely worth taking a look at these quests if you haven't already.

What does this mean for other Monster Hunter: World crossover quests?

These two quest lines are far from the only crossover content in Capcom's monster-battling RPG. If you're still yet to take on the Monster Hunter: World Witcher 3 collaboration, that quest is still available, as long as you've reached Hunter Rank 16 or higher. Similarly, quests based on games like Devil May CryHorizon Zero Dawn, and Final Fantasy XIV will still be available to try out, so don't worry if you've missed those. It's worth taking a look at the official Monster Hunter collaboration quest list so you can see what's still live and what's gone. 

A group of Final Fantasy Cactuar taunting the player in Monster Hunter: World
You've still got plenty of time to take on these cheeky Cactuar in Monster Hunter: World.

Even though these Monster Hunter: World event quests are being removed, it's still a good time to be a Monster Hunter fan. The latest entry in the series, Monster Hunter: Rise, is on its way to PC early next year, and there's a demo available right now on Steam. If you like your collaborative event quests, you'll be pleased to know Monster Hunter: Rise has plenty of those, too, including crossovers with beloved franchises like Mega Man and Okami. Yet to check out Monster Hunter? You can grab Monster Hunter: World and its expansion Iceborne on Steam, PlayStation consoles, and Xbox platforms right now, and Monster Hunter: Rise is available on Nintendo Switch.

Are you sad to see these Monster Hunter: World event quests go? Let us know in the comments below!

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