Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event Shows Off New Monsters

The latest Monster Hunter Digital Event revealed some crucial new information on what to expect from Sunbreak.

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It's been two months since the last Monster Hunter event back in March. With the June 30th, 2022 release date for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak rapidly approaching, the latest event showed off new monsters, functions, follower quests, and more. Let's check it out, shall we? 

To begin, the latest Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event showed off three new monsters. Seregios was the flagship monster for Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate, and it has sharp blades on its legs and utilizes sky diving attacks. It also sheds blade scales and causes bleed with some of its attacks. The second monster is a monster subspecies called Auroa Somnacanth, which uses perpetual cold air to freeze both the area and players, as it replaces sleep breath with ice breath and attacks. There is also the Magma Almudron that lives in the Lava Caverns. It has magma on its tail that can be used when it attacks, so be sure to watch out. 

The Magma Almudron.
The Magma Almudron looks very fearsome.

Malzeno is the flagship monster for the Sunbreak expansion. It's an Elder Dragon that has brought the kingdom to the brink of ruin more than once. As it's a big, bad monster, it has a nasty ability where it can absorb energy from monsters. It can also cause the Bloodblight status where they can enter a battle of life force with hunters, and if Malzeno absorbs a hunter's life force, it becomes more powerful. As you can expect, it's based on a vampire.

Follower quests will allow players to bring NCPs on specific hunts. Not every hunt, so don't get too excited about bringing your own personal army to every hunt. There are also exclusive rewards for using the followers, so be sure to get them. There's a mixture of followers, each using different weapons, and the NPCs come from both camps. Capcom also announced the Switch Skill Swap Function, which will let players switch skills on the fly and allows players to load two switch skills into the loadout.

Monster Hunter Skill Swap
The new Switch Skill Swap ability in action.

Players can combo silkbind attacks and gain their effects. For instance, Swap Evade will allow players to quickly change their position while swapping sets. Speaking of swapping, there will be a new option to change the original controls to new controls if that's what you're into, which is great for those who like customizing how exactly they want to play their games. Players should also be happy to learn that they can now wallrun without using a Wiredash now, which is a nice change.

As for the game itself, if players own the physical or digital version of Monster Hunter: Rise, then all they need is the digital version of the expansion in order to play. As this is Capcom, there is also a Deluxe Edition that has seven pieces of DLC to look forward to:

  1. "Dragonsbane" Hunter layered armor set.
  2. "C Hound" Palamute layered armor set.
  3. "F Devout" Palico layered armor set.
  4. "Take Aim' gesture set.
  5. Fight Pose Set.
  6. "Elegant Eye" makeup.
  7. "Fluffy Curls" hairstyle.

If you're just getting into the game now, there will be a combo that will combine the main game and the expansion together, which I'm sure will be a welcome addition for newcomers. To encourage pre-orders (which are now available) there are two pre-order bonuses: a Palico layered armor set "Striped Cat Costume", and the Palamute layered armor set "Loyal Dog Costume."

As for buying things, don't worry, Amiibo fans, there will be three that can be bought: the Palamute Canye Malzeno, the Malzeno, and the Palico Felyne Malzeno. Each Amiibo will unlock a special layered armor as well, such as the "Formal Dragon" Palamute layered armor set", the "Formal Dragon" Hunter layered armor set, and the 'Formal Dragon" Palico layered armor set. If you want a new controller to go with your fancy new Amiibos, Capcom has you covered. There will be a new Nintendo Switch Pro Controller variant made available with a Malzeno design on its front.

If you have saved data for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, you'll be able to unlock the Navirou Costume layered armor for your Palico. The Rider Series Armor and the Tsukino Costume are also unlockable.

Want to see the full Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event? Check it out below!

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