Monochrome Roguelite Shooter Rogue Invader Releases in February

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Monochrome Roguelite Shooter Rogue Invader Releases in February

December 29, 2020

By: Don Parsons


Five years ago, I wrote an article series called To The Green, which was about highlighting good games in Steam's Greenlight process, where many titles ended up being trapped. One of the games I wrote about was an interesting 1-bit aesthetic (aka monochrome) game called Rogue Invader, and nothing's happened really in the years since, until today. Today, the Rogue Invader release date was announced, along with a new trailer and information.

In Rogue Invader you play as an elite soldier who was part of a Terran invasion fleet, striking against the Zenos who had attacked Terran colonies. Following giant space battles, you arrive at their home world with an invasion army, but no supply ships to take them down. Instead, all you have is a pistol and a single drop-ship, and thus begins your attempt to destroy the alien menace. You send down one soldier at a time, with the aim to accumulate supplies that you can use to arm future soldiers and destroy some of the fortifications.

Rogue Invader, based on what we know, appears to lean into some of the meta-game cross-run progression and the run-based nature of these games, with levels having some degree of permanence on elements you can destroy, along with the procedural generation that all games in this genre.

If Rogue Invader interests you, it will be releasing on PC on Feb. 25, 2021, and will be available for under $20 according to the developer, although what the final price will be we don't know. You can visit the steam page here and add it to your wishlist if you want to pick it up when it comes out.


What do you think of Rogue Invader? What do you think of the monochromatic graphics? Let us know in the comments below!

Don Parsons
News Editor

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