Mojang Releases Crown and Council For Free On Steam

Published: April 23, 2016 11:20 AM /


Crown & Council

Mojang has released a new game by the name of Crown and Council on Steam for free according to an announcement on their website.

Crown and Council was solely developed by Mojang employee Henrik Pettersson.

Crown and Council consists of segments of land arranged in a fashion similar to Risk and the gameplay follows similarly as shown in a gameplay video shared on the developer's Twitter. Players can attack and capture territory by spending 1 gold to deploy an Army. If the attack doesn't fail, the newly acquired territory will increase the income of your kingdom which will help you leverage more attacks against your foes. The maps in the game are procedurally generated with 75 packaged with the install files and the generator included if you wish to create more.

Acquired territory can be upgraded in a variety of ways such as by building Forts which will increase the defensive capabilities of a tile. Typically you can only attack adjacent tiles and Forts make for ideal barricades in choke points to slow your enemy down.

The third level of the game introduces Fleets which permit players to attack anywhere on the map, but at 4 gold per attack they can be an expensive proposition. A Fleet attack can fail just as an Army attack can fail, and the loss of 4 Gold because of an unlucky RNG roll can be painful.

The reviews Crown and Council currently has on Steam are Mixed. Some of the reviews state that the game has a heavy RNG element and may in fact be "too RNG". There were were also a handful of complaints about the mouse's ability to properly click on tiles as well as the loudness of the music. The developer himself addressed these complaints on his Twitter:

Have you tried Crown and Council? What did you think of it? Do you like any of the other games Mojang has released or are you really only fond of Minecraft? Let us know in the comments below!

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