Mirror’s Edge Meets Pac-Man in Catch Me! a 3v1 Version of Tag

Published: July 28, 2022 9:55 AM /


Catch It!

If you're looking for something interesting to play, a newly released title on Steam's Early Access program is Catch Me!, which is a 3v1 version of tag that's Mirror’s Edge meets Pac-Man and uses real-world locations. Dark dystopian titles like Neverdark have also set their action in real places, but Catch Me! is decidedly more light-hearted, so it should be a bit more fun.

The rules are quite simple: it's an action platformer title that matches a runner versus three chasers. If a chaser catches a runner, they immediately switch roles. The runner will try to reach key points in the map to score enough points to win. A game ends if a player gains enough points.


What else can I expect from Catch Me!?

Catch Me! currently includes four maps inspired by countries from around the world, with an additional map to be added each month. Right now, players can climb rooftops in the U.S. or the London Eye in England. They can also hide in tiny houses in the Greek islands or take the subway in Germany. 

Catch Me! screenshot
Catch me if you can.

Other features that will be added during the Early Access period include leaderboards, daily and weekly challenges, and a variety of customization options. Voice chat is also coming, along a possible map editor and crossplay with a potential console release. Currently there are a bunch of unique skins that will help players stand out, along with bots if you want to practice alone. 

Catch Me! is available on Steam's Early Access program for $4.79. It's 20% off until August 4th, so if you're interested in playing some online tag you should definitely check this new indie title out. It's got some stiff competition thanks to games like Knockout City and Fall Guys going free-to-play, so hopefully it can carve out a niche for itself.

Want to see Catch Me! in action? Check out the Catch Me! Early Access trailer below!

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